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List of supervised theses

PG and UG Dissertation

1. Mr. Alexander Gerhard, “Growth of graphene layers on SiC substrates of different off-orientations”, M.Sc. thesis, 2017.

2. Mr. Sebastian Steinhöfer, “Epitaxial graphene growth by sublimation technique”, M.Sc. thesis, 2016.

3. Ms. Christina Kuhlmann, “Surface preparation, stress and impurity analyses of AlN single crystals using Raman and FTIR spectroscopy measurements”, M.Sc. thesis, 2015.

4. Ms. Laura Casella, “Growth and characterisation of Si-doped AlN single crystals”, M.Sc. thesis 2013.

5. Mr. Lukas Steinmetz, “Structural defect analysis of AlN single crystals: A comparative X-ray and wet chemical etching analyses”, B.Sc. thesis, 2013.

6. Mr. Matthias Paun, “Characterisation of AlN single crystals”, M.Sc. thesis, 2012.

7. Mr. Kai Tandon, “Wet-chemical etching of AlN single crystals”, B.Sc. thesis, 2012.

8. Mr. Paul B. Klar, “X-ray topographic analysis of AlN”, B.Sc. thesis, 2011.

9. Mr. Markus Kuchenbauer, “Influence of surface condensation on the sublimation growth of AlN Crystals”, B.Sc. thesis, 2009.

10. Mr. Jens Neusel, “Growth of Aluminium nitride”, Dipl. (integrated M.Sc.) thesis, 2008.

PG Internship

11. Mr. Lenne Quentin, “Preparation of graphene flakes by mechanical exfoliation and transferring it on SiO2/Si substrates”, 2017 (International Master Student)

12. Mr. M. Moustafa, “Characterization of epitaxially grown graphene layers”, 2017 (International Master Student)

13. Mr. A. Gerhard, “Sublimation of SiC for Graphene monolayer preparation”, 2017.

14. Mr. S. Steinhöfer “Graphene preparation by mechanical exfoliation”, 2016.

15. Mr. S. Bhuvanesh, “Hands-on experience on various materials characterisation techniques”, 2015 (International Master Student).

16. Ms. Shiyi Sun, “Polishing AlN wafers”, 2013 (International Master Student).