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Static Lattice-Distortions and the Structure of Au/Si(111)-(5x1) - an X-Ray-Diffraction Study

Physical Review B 43(14): 12130-12133

Autoren/Herausgeber: Schamper C
Moritz W
Schulz H
Feidenhansl R
Nielsen M
Grey F
Johnson RL
Erschienen: 1991

Grazing-incidence x-ray diffraction has been used to determine the atomic arrangement in the 5 x 1 structure of Au on Si(111). The main features of this structure are partially occupied rows of gold atoms in low-symmetry sites. The density of Au atoms is highly asymmetric in the direction perpendicular to the rows. The substrate atoms in the top double layer are shifted up to 1 angstrom from their bulk position. The structure has a disordered 5 x 2 periodicity due to the variation of the interatomic Au-Au distances within a row in the [011BAR] direction. The model is consistent with recent scanning-tunneling-microscopy topographs.