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Top-Layer Superstructures of the Reconstructed Pt(100) Surface

Physical Review B 45(24): 14388-14391

Autoren/Herausgeber: Kuhnke K
Kern K
Comsa G
Moritz W
Erschienen: 1992

The structures of the two reconstructed phases of the Pt(100) surface have been studied by high-resolution helium diffraction. In contrast to earlier investigations, we show that for both phases the superstructure in the approximate [011] direction is not fivefold but much larger. The mean distance between atom rows in the top layer, however, is very close to that of a fivefold superstructure. This supports the description of the surface layer in a model which assumes static oscillations about a flat and equidistant atom arrangement. The results are discussed in comparison with low-energy electron diffraction, scanning-tunneling-microscopy, and x-ray-diffraction results.