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Comparison of two approaches to forced convection in crystal growth of II-VI compounds by THM

Advanced Materials for Optics and Electronics 3(1-6): 233-238

Autoren/Herausgeber: Bloedner RU
Presia M
Gille P
Erschienen: 1994

Hg1 - xCdxTe and Cd1 - xZnxTe single crystals were grown by the tracwelling heater method (THM), applying two different techniques of artificially stirring the solution zone. Accelerated crucible rotation (ACRT) was used in a vertical growth arrangement and compared a technique with constant rotation around the horizontal axis of the ampoule. The dominant hydrodynamic mechanisms of noth methods are discribed by the rotating disc model and are suggested to be almost identical with respect to the growth conditions at the interface. Convective flow is effectively enhanced adhacent to the growing crystal, where the matter transport is regarded as the rate-limiting step of solution growth. Inclusion density analysis by IR microscopy was used to characterise the crystals of Cd1 - xZnxTe grown at different rates. It was shown that forced convection allows an increase in the crystal growth rate from a few mm day-1 with ACRT or horizontally rotating THM.

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