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Axially Linear Slopes of Composition for Delta-Crystals

Journal of Crystal Growth 139(1-2): 165-171

Autoren/Herausgeber: Gille P
Hollatz M
Kleessen H
Schenk M
Erschienen: 1994

''Delta'' crystals are solid solutions of miscible materials with large lattice parameter differences which contain high concentration gradients in one direction (parallel to a lattice plane strongly diffracting X-rays). The system GaSb-InSb has been chosen as suitable for study. By means of a ''gradient projection method'', the growth of nearly linear composition profiles with relatively steep slopes of the lattice parameter (up to (DELTAa/aBAR)/DELTAz = 8.3% cm-1), adjustable by the temperature gradient, have been performed. However, the grown ingots were not monocrystalline due to the use of too high a growth rate.