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A Generalized Description of Solute Distribution in Melt Growth by the Submerged Heater Method

Journal of Crystal Growth 148(1-2): 183-188

Autoren/Herausgeber: Gille P
Scharl S
Muller G
Erschienen: 1995

Using the submerged heater method for crystal growth from the melt, steady-state longitudinal segregation may be reached. The submerged heater suppresses convective motion ahead of the phase boundary. However, it also restricts the extension of the diffusion profile in the melt, thus superimposing diffusion-controlled steady-state conditions and a zone configuration. It is similar to the same situation described a long time ago as ''zone melting in a diffusion-controlled regime''. Consequences for the growth of variously doped crystals by the submerged heater method are discussed and proved by experiments varying the crystallization rate for Te-doped InSb. The mentioned distribution function is shown to describe the general case of axial segregation with the submerged heater method. Previous interpretations, in terms of diffusion-controlled conditions only, are shown to be limiting cases for high crystallization rates.