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Dimer bond geometry in D/Ge(100)-(2x1): A low-energy electron-diffraction structure analysis

Physical Review B 54(12): R8313-R8316

Autoren/Herausgeber: Pflanz S
Buchtler R
Moritz W
Over H
Erschienen: 1996

The asymmetry of the Ge dimer in the (2x1) reconstruction of Ge(100) is removed upon adsorption of deuterium D. The R-factor analysis indicates a slight remaining asymmetry which is attributed to the coexistence of bare and D-covered dimers. The Ge-Ge bond length of 2.4(2) Angstrom in the dimer does not change within the error limits when compared to the clean surface. The D atoms bond on top of the Ge atoms, exhibiting a Ge-D bond length of 1.6(2) Angstrom.