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Neutron and X-ray diffuse scattering of calcium-stabilized zirconia at temperatures up to 1500 K

Acta Crystallographica Section B-Structural Science 52: 66-71

Autoren/Herausgeber: Proffen T
Keilholz M
Neder RB
Frey F
Keen DA
Erschienen: 1996

The temperature dependence of disorder diffuse scattering of calcium-stabilized zirconia was measured with neutron and X-ray scattering methods up to 1500 K. A quantitative interpretation of the diffuse scattering is given in terms of a correlated distribution of two types of microdomains. A pronounced decrease of the integrated intensity of the diffuse maxima was found in the temperature range 1250-1300 K in both neutron and X-ray cases. However, the half-width of the diffuse maxima and the corresponding correlation length shows a different temperature behaviour. The neutron data indicate an almost constant correlation length as a function of temperature, whereas the X-ray data show a maximum at 1170 K. A tentative interpretation is given.