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New bonding configuration on Si(111) and Ge(111) surfaces induced by the adsorption of alkali metals

Physical Review Letters 80(18): 3980-3983

Autoren/Herausgeber: Lottermoser L
Landemark E
Smilgies DM
Nielsen M
Feidenhans'l R
Falkenberg G
Johnson RL
Gierer M
Seitsonen AP
Kleine H
Bludau H
Over H
Kim SK
Jona F
Erschienen: 1998

The structure of the (3 x 1) reconstructions of the Si(lll) and Ge(lll) surfaces induced by adsorption of alkali metals has been determined on the basis of surface x-ray diffraction and low-energy electron diffraction measurements and density functional theory. The (3 x 1) surface results primarily from the substrate reconstruction and shows a new bonding configuration consisting of consecutive fivefold and sixfold Si (Ge) rings in [110] projection separated by channels containing the alkali metal atoms.