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An improved method to determine the weight fraction of 2212 and 2201 phase impurities in BSCCO-2223 powders from x-ray powder diffraction peaks

Superconductor Science & Technology 11(11): 1269-1276

Autoren/Herausgeber: Schmahl WW
Lehmann M
Räth S
Gerards M
Riddle R
Erschienen: 1998

We propose a standard operating procedure for the estimation of the amount of 2212 and 2201 phases in a 2223 PBSCCO HTSC powder, based on one to two observed x-ray powder diffraction intensities for each phase. The quantitative phase analysis takes into account the effects of preferred orientation, structure factor magnitude and particle absorption contrast. The procedure is derived from Rietveld analysis of the full diffractogram.