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XRD Rietveld-analysis of PBSCCO-2223 precursor powders used in OPIT processing: Pb2+ solubility in 2212

Ieee Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 11(1): 2858-2861

Autoren/Herausgeber: Räth S
Woodall L
Lehmann M
Gerards M
Schmahl WW
Erschienen: 2001

The phase assemblage in PBSCCO precursor powders for 2223-OPIT production has been investigated in a quantitative way with Rietveld analysis of x-ray powder diffractograms. The investigated precursors were made by spray pyrolysis of solutions of the appropriate bulk chemical composition of Pb0.33Bi1.80Sr1.87Ca2.00Cu3.00O10+delta, and subsequent calcination to remove volatile elements and to form a suitable precursor phase assemblage at temperatures between 800 degreesC and 820 degreesC, in air or under reducing conditions, The influence of temperature and atmosphere on the powder quality was investigated with regard to different minor phases, and the Pb-content of the 2212-phase.