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Quantitative texture analysis of polycrystalline shape-memory alloy NiTi neutron diffraction data by Rietveld refinement using the generalized spherical-harmonic description

Shape Memory Materials and Its Applications 394-3: 233-236

Autoren/Herausgeber: Sitepu H
Schmahl WW
Von Dreele RB
Erschienen: 2001

The multiple-data-set capabilities of the Rietveld refinement program GSAS was used to extract a quantitative texture description from a simultaneous refinement of 52 time-of-flight neutron diffraction patterns taken from a NiTi polycrystalline sample held in a variety of orientations in the diffractometer. The patterns were analyzed using a generalized spherical-harmonic model for the preferred orientation. With this method the accuracy of the available crystal structure parameters of the monoclinic B19' phase of near stochiometric NiTi (50.14 atomic % Ni) system at room temperature has been improved dramatically.