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Diffuse neutron scattering study of disordered Al72Co16Ni12 quasicrystals up to 1000 degrees C

Applied Physics a-Materials Science & Processing 74: S998-S1000

Autoren/Herausgeber: Frey F
Hradil K
Weidner E
de Boissieu M
McIntyre G
Currat R
Tsai AP
Erschienen: 2002

Disordered decagonal Al72Co16Ni12 quasicrystals were investigated by recording diffuse neutron scattering at instruments D10 and IN8/ILL up to 1000degreesC. This neutron work supplements X-ray-diffraction investigations, which do not provide a scattering contrast of the transition metals. Moreover, diffuse scattering of inelastic origin could be suppressed, within the resolution limits, by using an analyser. The temperature dependence of the diffuse scattering in the quasiperiodic plane indicates complex re-ordering processes. A one-dimensional superorder along the unique axis, reflected by diffuse layers perpendicular to it, dissolves at 950 degreesC; short-range-order maxima remain visible at 980 degreesC.

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