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Growth of decagonal AlCoCu quasicrystals onto AlCoNi seeds

Journal of Alloys and Compounds 342(1-2): 7-12

Autoren/Herausgeber: Gille P
Dreier P
Barz RU
Erschienen: 2002

Crystal growth of Al68Co19Cu13 by the Czochralski method was investigated using a [00001]-oriented AlCoNi seed instead of native material or spontaneous nucleation on an alumina tip. Liquidus data of the Al66CoxCu34-x isopleth were determined so as to make sure to grow from starting melts with compositions within the primary crystallization field of the decagonal phase. Axially homogeneous AlCoCu crystals were obtained but the single-phase AlCoNi seed decomposed into decagonal needles and [beta]-phase. The decay is discussed as the result of interdiffusion during the long-lasting growth process.

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