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Phase fractions of B2, B19 ', R-phase and Ni4Ti3 in NiTi alloys during two-step phase transformations

Journal De Physique Iv 112: 677-680

Autoren/Herausgeber: Sitepu H
Schmahl WW
Reinecke T
Allafi JK
Eggeler G
Erschienen: 2003

We investigated the phase composition of (i) solution annealed and subsequently aged Ti-50.7 at.-%Ni alloy and (ii) solution annealed Ti-50.1 at.-%Ni alloy cycled 30 times between 100degreesC and -196degreesC by x-ray diffraction through the martensitic phase transformation. Both samples show "two-step" transformation behaviour with two exothermic differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) peaks on cooling and one endothermic DSC peak on heating. For the aged Ni-rich material the x-ray data, which reflect the conditions at the sample surface only, indicate that in the presence of the Ni4Ti3 precipitates the B2 phase transforms to the R-phase, which then transforms to B19' phase in the second step on cooling. The transition to B19' starts well above the second peak. In the cycled, precipitate-free material, the R-phase coexists with B2, and/or B19' throughout its limited temperature range of stability.

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