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Disorder in decagonal quasicrystals: Diffuse scattering in decagonal Al-Ni-Fe

Ferroelectrics 305: 163-166

Autoren/Herausgeber: Frey F
Weidner E
Erschienen: 2004

High resolution synchrotron x-ray data of near-Bragg diffuse scattering from decagonal Al71.5Ni23Fe5 quasicrystals was recorded. A significant dependence on Q(perpendicular to) was not observed, a dominant phasonic origin can thus be ruled out. An analysis in frame of a TDS theory gives an unlikely ratio of elastic constants c(66)/c(11) = 4.0. Moreover subsequent measurements up to 720 K do not reveal a pronounced intensity increase. Predictions of a theory of Huang diffuse scattering, however, nicely match the anisotropy of the measured data.

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