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Disordered quasicrystals: diffuse scattering in decagonal Al-Ni-Fe

Journal of Applied Crystallography 37: 802-807

Autoren/Herausgeber: Weidner E
Frey F
Lei JL
Pedersen B
Paulmann C
Morgenroth W
Erschienen: 2004

High-resolution synchrotron data of near-Bragg diffuse scattering from decagonal Al71.5Ni23.5Fe5 quasicrystals were recorded. A dominant phasonic origin is ruled out because of the absence of a significant G(perpendicular to) dependence. An analysis solely in the frame of thermal diffuse scattering (TDS) theory (phonon scattering) showed a good match between experimental and calculated data in the quasiperiodic layers, but with an improbable ratio of elastic constants, c(66)/c(11) = 4.0. In situ high-temperature measurements up to 1000 K revealed an increase of the intensity distribution perpendicular to the scattering vector G. Huang diffuse scattering (HDS) arising from quenched local defects has a general appearance that qualitatively reproduces the observed symmetry and anisotropy. An interpretation based on both TDS and HDS contributions is given.

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