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Nanomanipulation by atomic force microscopy

Advanced Engineering Materials 7(4): 193-196

Autoren/Herausgeber: Rubio-Sierra FJ
Heckl WM
Stark RW
Erschienen: 2005

The linking of our macroscopic world to the nanoscopic world of single molecules, nanoparticles and functional nanostructures is a technological challenge. Researchers in nanobiotechnology face the questions "How extract and analyze a single nano-object?", "How to pick and place nano-objects?" and "How to prototype a functional nanostructure?". Here nanomanipulation by an atomic force microscope (AFM) in combination with optical manipulation by a microbeam laser offers a practicable solution. In such a system, the AFM can be operated as a nanorobot for manipulation purposes allowing for nanometer precision. A contact free manipulation is achieved by the laser microbeam.

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