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Supramolecular self-assembly initiated by solid-solid wetting

Chemistry-a European Journal 13(27): 7785-7790

Autoren/Herausgeber: Trixler F
Market T
Lackinger M
Jamitzky F
Heckl WM
Erschienen: 2007
We present a preparation method for self-assembled supra-molecular monolayers of unsubstituted organic semiconductors and pigments on a solid substrate, applicable under ambient conditions. The deposition is based on a solid-solid wetting phenomenon, whereas the subsequent layer growth proceeds according to standard models. Molecular adsorption results from direct contact of the compound in a nanocrystalline state with the solid surface. Based on complementary force field calculations, we propose that molecules disintegrate from the crystalline state and adsorb on the surface because of a gain in binding energy. The preparation method is exemplified by means of a linear hydrogen-bonded system, namely quinacridone (QAC) on graphite. In addition, the chosen system allows us to actively guide the self-assembly after deliberate removal of molecules from a predefined area.

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