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Partial Dissociation of Water on Fe3O4(001): Adsorbate Induced Charge and Orbital Order

Physical Review Letters 103(17): 176102

Autoren/Herausgeber: Mulakaluri N
Pentcheva R
Wieland M
Moritz W
Scheffler M
Erschienen: 2009

The interaction of water with Fe3O4(001) is studied by density functional theory calculations including an on-site Coulomb term. For isolated molecules, dissociative adsorption is strongly promoted at surface defect sites, while at higher coverages a hydrogen-bonded network forms with alternating molecular and dissociated species. This mixed adsorption mode and a suppression of the (root 2 X root 2)RL45 degrees reconstruction are confirmed by a quantitative low energy electron diffraction analysis. Adsorbate induced electron transfer processes add a new dimension towards understanding the catalytic activity of magnetite(001).