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Magneto-structural study of a Cr-doped CaRuO3

Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 21(32): -

Autoren/Herausgeber: Ranjan R
Garg R
Senyshyn A
Hegde MS
Ehrenberg H
Boysen H
Erschienen: 2009

Temperature-dependent neutron powder diffraction, magnetization and XPS studies were carried out on an optimally Cr-doped CaRuO3, i.e. CaRu0.85Cr0.15O3 (CRC-15). XPS data revealed that Cr exist in 3+ and 6+ oxidation states. The charge dissociation preserves the overall 4+ nominal charge of the Ru site. Although ferromagnetic correlations develop around 100 K, the system exhibits a large coercive field below 50 K. The unit cell volume exhibits negative thermal expansion below 50 K since the lattice expansion due to the magnetostrictive effect outweighs the thermal contraction due to the phonon-driven mechanism.