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Structural and surface topography analysis of AlN single crystals grown on 6H–SiC substrates

Journal of Crystal Growth(0)

Autoren/Herausgeber: Sumathi RR
Barz RU
Straubinger T
Gille P
Erschienen: 2012
Bulk AlN single crystals (3 mm thick and 1 in. diameter) were hetero-epitaxially grown on (0001) 6H–SiC substrates by the sublimation method. Double-crystal x-ray diffraction and micro-Raman results confirm the good crystallinity as well as structural homogeneity of the grown crystals. The presence of low-angle grain boundaries was observed by x-ray diffraction rocking curve analysis and also supported by defect-selective etching analysis. The estimated defect density of the 3 mm thick crystals is about (5–8)×105 cm−2. 3D-microstructures with different morphology were observed on the as-grown crystal surfaces and were interpreted to be originated from screw dislocations. These screw dislocations are decorated by carbon impurities as evidenced by micro-Raman spectroscopic measurements. SiC incorporation in the grown crystals was found to be fairly low with 4 mol% at 2 mm distance from the interface and varies slightly between different sub-grains.

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